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We play with the best in
web, mobile, social, media, commerce and technology to build a unique social home that combines
traditional crafts with the digital age.

In 2012, Edward, Cherry and Nigel launched LoveCrafts
after watching the makers they love search endlessly for
inspiration and materials online.They were motivated by one simple goal: to build a community that would support and unite makers worldwide: a home where they can be inspired, connect, share and create.

Learn more about our journey The LoveKnitting Story

We love to…

We are all Makers

Some of us are Coders, some of us are Marketers, some of us spend our days untangling tricky customer questions while some of us spend our hours shaping and moulding the technology that powers our corner of the web. All of us are makers.


You’ll love us

*Below definitions are based on the LoveCrafts #playnotwork philosophy and crafty morals.

adj. smart-er, smart-est

1. Quick, intelligent and capable of solving difficult problems: eg. “a smart cookie”.
2. Clever and witty, with a knack for making the complex seem simple.

adj. kind-er, kind-est

1. Of a good or benevolent nature. Considerate and helpful.
2. Putting the needs of the team and others first; treating others as you would wish to be treated.

We are a diverse group, speaking over 20 languages

United by a passion for technology, ingenuity and doing things differently.

We to #playnotwork

people crafting in the pub
Giant jigsaw per week
Cakes. Lots and LOTS (and lots) of cake
Bottles of beer in the fridge

Love where you live

LoveCrafts is based in the cultural heart of Central London, with hubs in Manchester and New York City.

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