We play with the very best in web, mobile, social, commerce and media technology to bring traditional crafts into the digital age




We are all makers

Some of us are Coders, some of us are Marketers, some of us spend our days untangling tricky customer questions while some of us spend our hours shaping and moulding the technology that powers our corner of the web. All of us are makers.

We love to #playnotwork

Your average day at LoveCrafts. Expect cake… and lots of it!
Behind the scenes


At LoveCrafts, we’re constantly looking for ways to make sure we preserve and grow our smart and kind culture. We do this through regularly asking for feedback from our team and also through our culture committee, a group who talk about cool ways we can bring our #playnotwork philosophy come to life – whether it be through events, training, recognition or benefits – we want to make sure we’re always listening when it comes to work culture and environment.

Play not work
About us


We inspire each other to constantly push boundaries, challenge norms and delight our customers.


We are all making something unique, building an entirely new platform for the maker community from scratch.


We share ideas, knowledge and experience. Putting the team before individual goals and celebrating success together.


Hackathon day

The Marketing and Product Development team joined forces and split into 6 teams to create a functioning product within 48 hours!

80 people
crafting in the pub
cakes. Lots and LOTS (and lots) of cake
giant jigsaw per week
languages from a diverse group, united by a passion for technology and doing things differently
bottles of beer in the fridge

So you’re thinking about applying for a job at LoveCrafts? Fantastic! You’ll find additional information here on what it’s really like to work at LCHQ and what you can expect from us in return for your smartness and kindness. See more

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