Our story

In 2012, Edward, Cherry and Nigel launched LoveCrafts after watching the makers they love search endlessly for inspiration and materials online.

A bit about the journey

They were motivated by one simple goal: to build a community that would support and unite makers worldwide — a home where they can be inspired, connect, share and create.



3 big dreamers, some yarn
and a desk in central London.


A Manchester warehouse,
some brave suppliers and a few more dreamers.

“We work to bring crafters everything they need under one online roof and we love what we do.”



A US warehouse, customers in 97 countries, a designer patterns marketplace with 33k patterns, a new London office and 50 people.


Launch in Germany, 80 strong team with even bigger dreams and 50,000 customers cheering us on.


In the summer of 2016 we expanded our business by opening an office in Kiev. The LoveCrafts platform was originally built with support from Ukrainian developers and we wanted to further tap into the amazing creative talent we found there. We also had some personal connections to Kiev and always enjoyed visiting this vibrant, up-and-coming European capital city. We now have 50 makers in Kiev and we keep on growing!



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